Teddy Bear

Professional, delicate and durable washing glove made of very durable microfiber. Thanks to it, washing the vehicle becomes a pleasure and minimizes the risk of scratching the car. One glove will withstand washing hundreds of cars.

  • high absorbency
  • soft fibers guarantee the safety of bodywork and other materials,
  • an extremely useful product
Fitted welt

Thanks to the welt, you will avoid getting your hands wet and the glove slipping off when dipping it in the bucket.

Splendid Dimensions

The light weight and large surface of the glove make washing quick, pleasant and effective.


The ideal material for cleaning and care


Size: 22x18cm
Weight: 105g

User manual


  • We recommend washing the car wash glove at 40 degrees.
  • We recommend washing before first use.
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