Deiron Man

Deep cleaning of rims and paintwork from iron fallout using a deironizer. Very long dwell time. The ability to remove even the most troublesome metallic dirt, volatile rust or brake pad dust.

  • safe product: does not contain corrosive agents
  • long dwell time
  • high cleaning power
  • easy application
  • quick rinsing
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Cleans Rims And Paint

It will also work on external bodywork elements.

Bleeding Effect

When in contact with contaminants it turns red.

Ready to Use Product

Spray on and get to it!

Deiron Man is a safe pH-neutral product for removing deep metallic impurities, not containing corrosive agents.

Watch the tutorial and check how to apply it on rims and paint!

Bleeding effect

Remember that the formulation turns red when in contact with impurities. The bleeding effect is an inherent and desirable cleaning step. The product is multi-purpose and designed to effectively decontaminate the paintwork. This deironizer will do great both on the rim and on the paint.

User manual

How to use

  • Spray the product on the contaminated surface – cover it completely. Caution! Do not use on hot elements.
  • Leave it on until it reacts (approx. 60-120 seconds – the product can work for up to 40 minutes). Do not let it dry on the surface.
  • Work the agent on the surface – use a brush, brush or sponge for this.
  • Rinse thoroughly with pressurized water.


  • Do not apply to hot surfaces.
  • Do not let it dry out.

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