Daily Cloth

Versatile 350gsm edgeless microfiber with a wide range of uses. It can be used to apply quick detailers, buffing ceramic coating, cleaning the interior and much more.

  • multi-purpose
  • microfiber delicate for varnish and other surfaces
  • easily absorbs liquids
  • greatly facilitates the entire washing process
  • does not dust and does not leave threads

Daily Cloth is ideal for buffing coatings, waxes and quick detailers.

High quality

Does not dust and leaves no threads. It is durable and thanks to the possibility of washing it will last for months.

High GSM

It has a high GSM of 350 and differentiated fibers – longer and shorter – for different purposes.

Suggested use

It is an irreplaceable helper for amateurs and detailing salons. It has 2 types of fibers, shorter and longer, which can be used in various tasks. Daily Cloth is ideal for:

  • coatings,
  • quick detailers,
  • waxes
  • and other work inside and outside the car.


Size: 40x40cm
Weight: 350g/m2

User manual


  • We recommend washing the microfiber cloths at 40 degrees.
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