Leather Cleaner²

Leather Cleaner² is a product for effectively cleaning of leather upholstery. It copes well with dirt, while being gentle and maximally safe for leather upholstery.

It creates a stable foam, which allows you to work for a long time without soaking the material. The leather upholstery remains soft and not dried after cleaning.

  • high cleaning power with maximum safety for leather upholstery
  • after cleaning, the upholstery remains pleasant to the touch – it does not dry the upholstery
  • 98.9% ingredients of natural deriviation,
  • not subject to CLP (no pictograms)
  • does not contain dangerous and corrosive substances
  • solvent and alcohol free.

Scent: Sandalwood

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Leather Protection

Thanks to the active foam, the product does not dry the leather, cleans it and leaves it soft.


The innovative formula contains 98.9% ingredients of natural deriviation and has no pictograms!

High Power

You can use the product undiluted or dilute 1:1.

Leather Cleaner² is a highly concentrated product for leather upholstery with a revolutionary cleaning power. Safe for natural leather, also in oldtimer and youngtimer cars where leather upholstery requires special attention!
It smells like sandalwood

Innovative composition

98.9% ingredients of natural deriviation and no pictograms! It does not contain alcohol or solvents. It is probably the safest product for both the user and the surface being cleaned.

The high concentration of active ingredients ensures high cleaning power. You can also dilute the product 1:1. This means that you no longer have to choose between a strong product and a regular one – just choose Leather Cleaner from Cleantle!

User manual

How to use

  • Apply the product with a foamer or sprayer on a brush or microfiber.
  • Clean the soiled surface thoroughly.
  • Wipe the surface with a clean microfiber.


  • Do not apply to hot surfaces.
  • Do not let it dry out.
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