Ceramic Booster

Ceramic Booster is a quick and easy to apply coating. It provides a permanent protection of bodywork and plastic elements based on graphene. It also serves as an independent protection of paintwork, rims and exterior plastics of the car.

  • protects the surface of the car
  • extends the life of coatings
  • provides a high gloss for the bodywork and darkens it
  • creates a very strong and durable hydrophobic coating


Scent: Bubble Gum

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Coating Care

Ceramic Booster will take care of automotive ceramic, graphene and quartz coatings.


Stand alone protection and hydrophobization of paintwork, rims and plastic elements of your car.

Durable Protection

High durability and longer life of coatings. Works up to 8000 km or 6 months.

A very efficient and easy to use product. It perfectly glazes the paintwork and slightly darkens it. It has the addition of graphene, which causes, among others, a reduction of electrostatics.

Watch the tutorial and see how to use it!


Ceramic Booster can be an independent and permanent surface protection.
Longevity: 8000. km or up to 6 months.

User manual

How to use

  • Shake the product – spray once on the microfiber applicator. Excessive amount may cause smearing.
  • Spread the product on a small piece of clean surface (check the video tutorial).
  • Buff with a microfiber.


  • Degrease the surface with IPA (30-50%) before application.
  • Do not use on a hot surface.

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