Soaker is a car towel made of high-quality microfibers that perfectly absorb water. The high GSM of the material makes Soaker able to absorb a very large volume of liquids. With our microfiber for the car, you can dry any, even the wettest, surface. This product is suitable for both professional and everyday use.

  • high absorbency
  • large surface of the towel
  • high quality microfibers
  • safe and gentle to the surface
  • an extremely useful product
Powerful Absorbency

The towel perfectly absorbs water thanks to the high-quality microfibers from which it was made.

Splendid Dimensions

The adequate size of the towel allows for quick and effective drying of the car.


The product is made of a delicate material that is safe for car paint.


Size: 50x70cm
Weight: 1000g/m2

User manual


  • We recommend washing the car towel at 40 degrees.
  • We recommend washing before first use.

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