Interior set

After winter, it’s also worth taking care of the interior of the car! For this purpose, we have composed a special set:

  • Interior Cleaner+,
  • Interior Dressing
  • Leather and Fabric Brush – new arrival for free!

Only now at a promotional price:

PLN 49,60  /  PLN 69,90 

Interior Cleaner+ provides complex cleaning of the interior: plastics, cockpit, fabric upholstery, leather upholstery, faux leather, alcantara, including heavy dirt. Antistatic, antibacterial formula..

Interior Dressing is a product for protecting and caring for surfaces inside the vehicle, such as: plastic, vinyl, carbon and rubber. It restores the natural appearance of all elements and protects them from fading and cracking.

Leather and Fabric Brush is a hand-made professional brush for leather and fabric upholstery. The appropriately selected type and length of the bristles make the brush very versatile. You can clean both delicate leather upholstery, fabric upholstery and plastic elements with it.

  • Promotional capacity: 0.5l
  • Promotion period: March 20 – April 9, 2023
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Antistatic properties

Both products leave an antistatic coating, thanks to which less dust settles on the interior of the car.


The formulas effectively remove dirt and are safe for materials at the same time.


Cleantle products are safe for the environment and biodegradable.

Interior Cleaner+ i Interior Dressing

With this set, you will completely clean the interior of your car. Cleaner will remove dirt and grime from the surface and protect it from dust settling, and Dressing will pamper the surface – it will restore the natural look of the elements and protect them against fading and cracking. In addition, both products have insane scents: orange and coco/vanilla.

New arrival for FREE!

Leather and Fabric Brush is a delicate and safe brush for leather upholstery. The appropriate length of the bristles makes it stiffer and will also work well when cleaning tough grime from rough and hard materials.
The brush is very durable and does not lose bristles and the ergonomic handle allows for long and comfortable work.

Be Cleantle this Spring!

User manual

Interior Cleaner+

How to use

  • Spray the surface to be cleaned and/or a brush.
  • Agitate/wipe with a microfiber.


  • Do not apply to hot surfaces.
  • Do not let it dry out.

Interior Dressing

How to use

  • Apply the product directly on the plastic surface or use a applicator and spread it over the surface with circular movements.
  • Wipe off excess with a microfiber and leave to dry.


  • Do not protect fabric or leather items.
  • Do not dilute the product..
  • Do not apply to hot surfaces.

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