Glass Cleaner²

Composition of 100% natural derivation. Created for cleaning windows and glass surfaces, also ideal as a interior quick detailer.. The product is easily biodegradable and safe for human health.

  • no smudges after application
  • has anit-fogging features
  • not subject to CLP – no pictograms

Scent: Green Tea

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Glass Without Streaks

The product is characterized by an average evaporation time and high efficiency. Does not leave streaks on the windows.

Ingriedients of 100% natural deriviation

It has a safe composition. You will not find a single warning on the label!

Ease of use of the product

Glass Cleaner2 is ready to use immediately after purchase.

Glass Cleaner 2 is an effective, efficient and easy-to-use preparation that will leave your windows streak-free. Refreshing green tea scent.

Check how simple its application is!


It copes well with stubborn grime on glass surfaces, but it can also be an ideal quick detailer for the interior. The product is a favorite of our customers, even for everyday home care.

User manual

How to use

  • Spray the dirty glass with a small amount of fluid.
  • Wipe with a clean and dry microfiber to obtain a clean and shiny surface.

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